At 180 Degrees we are strongly committed to serving the public interest.

As part of this ongoing mission, Larkin has taught at several Pipeline Diversity programs including the Summer Law Institute at the West Virginia University School of Law and the Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep program based in New York City. Some students under Larkin’s tutelage raised their score by almost 20 points and some received scores of 170 or above. These scores are extraordinary considering the challenges that many low-income, minority, bilingual, and other underserved populations face when studying for the LSAT.

Pipeline Diversity programs are an extremely important part of creating a balanced and diverse profession of law. The LSAT was designed to create a purely merit-based test. While its creators have succeeded in realizing this goal more than any other standardized test, the LSAT is still highly correlated with income, ethnic background, and the educational status of the test-taker’s parents. The purpose of Pipeline Diversity programs is to address the barriers that many applicants to law school face and provide more equal access to the profession of law.

If you are involved in a Pipeline Diversity program that you think could benefit from an experienced  LSAT tutor who is strongly committed to the public interest and social justice, please e-mail us at Larkin@180degreelsat.com or call at 212-888-LSAT. In certain cases, we can run/teach such a program far, far below market rates.