Thanks to Larkin, I raised my score from the lower-middle 160s to a score in the 99th percentile. I graduated with a high GPA from a top five college, but standardized tests have always been difficult for me, and so I wanted to find a tutor who could help me to understand and to tackle my weaknesses. Initially, I took a class with Powerscore, which was useful for becoming familiar with the test, but then my score began to plateau and I felt like I had reached my scoring potential. However, I was lucky enough to find Larkin and begin working with him. Larkin helped me develop a strategy for the LSAT perfectly tailored to my learning style and my strengths and weaknesses, and by the time test day rolled around, I felt as prepared as I could have hoped to be.
Larkin is not only an effective LSAT instructor from a results standpoint, but also he is a fantastic teacher in all the other ways that matter: he is always patient, he is enthusiastic about explaining information, and he is completely vested in his students’ success. Moreover, his passion for increasing diversity in law schools is contagious. Any student, college, or organization that has the opportunity with Larkin is extremely fortunate.

Julia K.
Yale Law School

Larkin is an incredible LSAT tutor. After working with him for 4 months, my score increased by 10 percentile points. Thanks to him, my dream schools are within reach.

I came to Larkin after taking a Testmasters course and self-studying for several months. My biggest weakness was Logical Reasoning. Larkin helped me un-learn the mechanical approach I had picked up from self-study books, and he built up my critical reasoning skills. Whenever I brought him a question I was struggling with, he didn't simply tell me, "A is correct and here's why." Instead, he would identify how this particular question was giving me trouble and help me recognize what I needed to do differently. From his years of tutoring, he has mastered the art of asking the right questions to guide students to the correct answer.

Working with Larkin also boosted my Logic Games performance in ways I didn't think were possible. I used to waste time diagramming for every single question. Larkin showed me how to quickly make inferences and visualize why certain answers were right or wrong. I actually started to see how the pieces of each game fit together without having to draw everything out. In addition, Larkin gave me tips about how to approach the weird games that have been cropping up on the test more these days.

Larkin advised me on all the aspects of preparing for the test, including how to balance studying with a full-time job and how to manage test anxiety. He is also an excellent resource for questions about law school admissions. On a personal level, he is patient, understanding, and very responsive. Working with him was the best decision I could have made, and I highly recommend him to anyone preparing for the LSAT.

Melissa F.
Yale Law School

I found Larkin’s number online while looking for a tutor in New York City. During our initial phone consultation Larkin asked me if I had taken a diagnostic. Fortunately I had, so we both knew what we were working with. I told him the schools I was interested in and where I wanted my score to be by the time I would take the test. We met in his Brooklyn office a week after our phone call. He was able to adapt his schedule pretty smoothly to mine, which was really helpful. After my first two-hour class, we figured out what I needed to work on. He showed me basic techniques of setting up games or parallel questions in the Logic Game section. I now live by those techniques! Thanks to them my score increased by 25 points in a year (It took me a little while because English is not my first language.)
Because the LSAT is all about pattern recognition, Larkin will not feed you any answer when you struggle. Instead, he will ask you questions that will lead you in the right directions and before you even realize it you will understand the question you are working on. Ultimately those questions will become a little voice in your head that helps you during the exam.
Larkin has a contagious love for learning.I really recommend you work with him because his way of thinking critically and analytically will benefit you far beyond simply getting a good score.

Julia H.
Boston College

Working with Larkin to prepare for the LSAT dramatically helped improve my score. Overall from my first diagnostic to the last one I took prior to the October LSAT my score improved 13 points. I had also taken a course with Power Score prior to meeting Larkin and I can say there is no comparison, power scores methods actually made my scores go down and was a complete waist of time. Instead of teaching you to memorize tricks like the general courses do, Larkin will work with you to help you really understand the test and all of the different question types. Larkin was very easy to work with and sessions were always productive, he learns your strengths and weaknesses to help you reach your full potential on the test. Larkin is also extremely flexible in scheduling and I was even able to Skype with him when I came back to school the month before the October test. Larkin will do everything to help you succeed, definitely the person to go with if you are looking for a tutor.

Aaron I.
Cardozo School of Law

My LSAT career began the summer of 2014, where I found myself with a 120 on my diagnostic and no direction with the exam. I decided to try Kaplan and after 2  1/2 months there was no improvement, just built up frustration. After a full year and a number of failed attempts with other private tutors, I was lucky enough to come across Larkin. Larkin not only changed my view of the LSAT, but also helped me step back and understand the big picture.
Not only was the LSAT a struggle for me, but developing my critical thinking skills and minimizing my anxiety was key. Larkin made it a priority to not only help me develop these skills, but deal with my anxiety head on to ensure that I could properly tackle the exam. In about a 2 month period of working with him I have not only noticed an AMAZING improvement in my scores (I am now in the 150s), but also find myself way calmer and collected with a much healthier view of the LSAT! Thank you Larkin, you're THE best!

Beena P.

Thanks to Larkin, I got a 177 (a 14-point improvement from my diagnostic). He is a top-notch tutor.
I was referred to Larkin through a friend who got a 176. At Larkin’s suggestion, I took a diagnostic exam before our first meeting. I got a 163. Logic games was by far my weakest section — I simply could not finish in time. Larkin insisted he could help me ace that section by exam day, and with his guidance, I did. He also helped me to a sustained five-point improvement in reading comp after just one session.
Larkin understands that not every student learns in the same way; he is great at tailoring his program to your individual style of learning. It’s exactly what you want from a private tutor.
He is very intelligent and knows the test well. That makes it easy for him to identify your strengths and weaknesses. He identified patterns in questions I struggled with that I could not see myself.
If you’re looking for a great LSAT tutor, you can’t do better than Larkin.

Zach F.
Harvard Law School

Best LSAT tutor in NYC by a long shot.
I first came to Larkin as my last hope, after taking a Testmasters prep course, then later working with another “top” tutor in NYC. Prior to seeing Larkin I had already taken the LSAT twice, and disappointingly received the same score during my first two attempts – a score I wasn’t happy with. I knew I could perform better but my confidence and confusion with the test were at an all-time low.
Larkin is the sole reason I was able to turn it around. His approach to the test is incredibly logical and makes a lot of sense – he didn’t overcomplicate it like others I had previously worked with. He, perhaps most importantly, gave me the confidence that I could perform up to my potential on the test. I cannot emphasize how huge this was for me. Combined with a much better approach to the test + newfound confidence, my practice test scores skyrocketed, as did my actual score on test day.
Solely because of Larkin, I went from previously scoring in the 85th percentile (from two previous attempts) to, on my third attempt, scoring in the 95th percentile. He has changed the trajectory of my law school placement – because of this improved score, I’ve now been offered $100k+ scholarships to top 14 law schools, and have been admitted to many top 6 schools. I can’t emphasize this enough: I could not have had these results without Larkin.
In summary, working with Larkin was the best decision I’ve made during the law school admissions process. He improved my score from the 85th to 95th percentile, and because of that, I’ve now been admitted to schools I only dreamed about before. As someone who tried many different studying approaches before Larkin, I am confident working with Larkin will be the best decision you will make too.

Sarah L.
New York University School of Law

Larkin is wonderful teacher and mentor! When I first decided that I wanted to climb the large and intimidating mountain of taking the LSAT and going to law school I knew that the path for me had to be somewhat unique. I have had experiences in the past with going to large companies for tutoring needs when I was in high school and remembered how formulaic and impersonal the teaching style was, so I decided to opt for private tutoring. We spoke before my sessions started and he suggested I start with a diagnostic test to see where my strengths and weaknesses were and we were able to start from there. There are also official practice tests he organizes with his students and a proctor to simulate actual LSAT conditions to help you prepare - which was a game changer for me. His teaching style, especially when it comes to the logical reasoning section, really encourages open communication and discussion rather than lecture. He has taught me how to look at every angle of a question and really be able to form the answer before I even look at the answer choices. Logic games are my biggest weakness. I came to him originally with the feeling of a 3 year old child afraid of a ghost when I looked at logic games but he encouraged me and helped me conquer my fears and truly improved my skills infinitely. Outside of all of the help he has given me with the LSAT preparation, which by the way, he is a super genius in his scope of knowledge (no joke). He has given me guidance in preparing for law school and which schools would be a good fit for me and will also help me through the application process when the time comes. I highly recommend Larkin as a private tutor, I don't know that I could be even close to where I am in my skills if it weren't for him and he's pretty awesome as a human being too!

Arielle G.
Sturm College of Law

Larkin is an excellent tutor. He is laid back and down to earth, but also is extremely knowledgeable about the test and will give frank advice about the law school application process. He is highly attuned to your individual strengths and weaknesses – rather than a one-size-fits-all study plan, he will respond in a tailored way to your needs, and will keep adapting suggested study strategies as your needs shift. I used Larkin as a supplement to studying on my own, and his ability to target specific weaknesses in my test taking, without overhauling techniques that were already working for me, made all the difference in my final score. Another huge plus is that you never to commit beyond the next session. So, if you’re worried about the commitment involved with most LSAT prep (financially and time wise) his a la carte system is a really great one. Highly recommend!

Emma S.
Stanford Law School

Larkin is a fantastic LSAT tutor; he raised my score by 10 points (to a 176) in just a month, and tailor makes the lesson plan to suit you. While some may find his style abrasive, he is refreshingly honest and can help anyone out.


Larkin is an excellent LSAT tutor. When I first started working with him, I had no idea what preparing for the LSAT entailed. Per his instruction, I took a first diagnostic test, which highlighted that I had a balanced set of issues across all three sections. Recognizing my needs, we practiced each section in depth over the course of two months prior to taking the December LSAT. Through this instruction, it’s clear Larkin knows the test inside and out, as he was able to adapt the necessary techniques to how I liked to work. On Logic Games, for instance, I went from guessing my way through each problem set to employing a near-perfect systematic approach in a very short time. Additionally, Larkin is an excellent “coach” for the LSAT. From day one, he kept me relaxed, managed my expectations, and with the help of his Saturday morning diags, prepared me for what I would face on the test day. As a result, I raised my score 15 points from my Diag to a 171. I went from expecting to go to a T50 school to now being accepted into the T14. I would highly recommend Larkin and 180 Degrees LSAT.

Zach M.
Northwestern University School of Law

Leading up to the LSAT, I honestly had little to know idea how I should go about preparing for it, or what resources were available. Larkin was great at identifying what areas of the test I needed to work on, and what areas I was strong in. I think running his own practice LSATs in a manner similar to the real one was particularly helpful. I worked with him over this last summer, and I received a 179 on my LSAT when I took it last September. Worth every penny.

Jack B.

After studying on my own for 5 months, I took the LSAT and ended up with a 164, which I wasn’t pleased with. My weaknesses were logic reasoning and reading comp. I decided to search for some tutors who could help me achieve the score I wanted. I found Larkin online and gave him a call. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. The phone call lasted almost an hour and he didn’t seem to mind at all. I called a couple of other tutors and they were not even as close to helpful or personal. I only had about 5 weeks before the December exam and I did not want to waste any time. I chose to go with Larkin and it definitely paid off. He helped me figure out what I was having trouble with and how to improve. I was hesitant about being tutored over Skype but it did not make a difference. In those short 5 weeks, I learned a lot about the test (even though I had taken it before and studied for months on my own). Larkin really knows the test inside out. He makes the intimidating LSAT feel much easier. I am a person that has a lot of questions and sometimes I need a confidence boost. He answered all of my questions and supported me through the whole process. I took the LSAT this past December and received a score I am very happy with. Thanks Larkin!

D. D.
University of Virginia School of Law

Larkin is truly a fantastic tutor. When I began working with him, I was having issues consistently finishing the Logic Games section in a timely fashion. In our very 1st meeting, Larkin was able to diagnose a major problem in how I was attacking the games and I saw drastic improvement in my practice scores almost immediately. Over the next few sessions, my scores on the Logic Games section continued to improve until I was near perfect. Moreover, even when I did encounter setbacks in my preparation or a decrease in my practice scores, Larkin was able to keep me relaxed and confident by reminding me that I had the ability to tackle any question on the test. By instilling this mindset, I was able to stay relaxed and focused on test day, and I ultimately scored a 176. I highly recommend Larkin for all students – including those who are scoring “well” on practice tests but who want to push themselves to the next level.

Andrew B.
Columbia Law School

When I started studying with Larkin, I’d already taken an October LSAT and wasn’t happy with my score. I decided to retake the test in December, hoping to improve my performance on the logic games section–however, I had already used almost every single practice test while studying on my own. Therefore Larkin and I had to work with test material that I was already familiar with. Despite this obstacle, our weekly meetings in the month-and-a-half prior to the test were extremely helpful. Larkin was able to point out several fundamental flaws in my approach to the games section, and helped me recalibrate the way I thought about the problems. When I retook the LSAT in December, I improved by three points, scoring in the 97% percentile. I then decided to re-take yet again and scored a 177! Larkin’s deep knowledge of the test was very helpful in helping me improve — I only wish I’d started working with him months earlier!”

A. F.
Stanford Law School

Larkin’s background in philosophy allows him to understand and explain in simple terms even the most difficult of the test’s concepts. He also has very good suggestions on study methodology and will volunteer helpful tips on the experience of actually taking the exam. I had twice earned the same score on the lsat. I then found Larkin and studied with him until I was comfortable with the material. I wound up improving by nine points and got a 172 on the test-enough to get me into the University of Chicago, School of Law, ranked 5th in the nation.

Ari G.
The University of Chicago Law School

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a tutor like Larkin who is as kind and dedicated to teaching. I had the most difficulty understanding meanings and unstated assumptions of arguments. Larkin used real-world applications of logical analysis in teasing out meanings and implications so that I could understand the material. I thought I wasn’t capable of raising my score, but Larkin believed that I could. I worked with him for a couple of months and raised my score by nineteen points.

Anu J.
University of Minnesota Law School

Working with Larkin, I raised my LSAT score from a 158 to a 170. After several weeks of working with Larkin, I raised my score much more significantly than with five months of intensive self study. Initially, contacting Larkin, I was skeptical anything could raise my score. However, after only a few sessions with Larkin, my practice test results sky rocketed and the improvement spoke for itself.
Larkin provided me with techniques that I could not find in any of the LSAT books available today (trust me—I’ve tried most of them!). He was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and give me techniques to correct these weaknesses—something a book or often even a class cannot do. He gave me individualized attention and tailored a LSAT plan that best suited me. He literally rewired the way I thought about the LSAT, allowing me to understand the test on a deeper level—something that is essential to scoring well on the test.
I lived far away from Larkin so he tutored me over skype which in no way hindered my ability to learn from him. He had tools and capabilities to diagram logic games and discuss other sections as if he were right beside me.
Without a doubt, I attribute my drastic score increase to Larkin and his extremely effective techniques. The entire time he tutored me, I knew he was invested in my success. Thanks to Larkin, I became an extremely confident test taker who achieved an LSAT score I never thought possible.

Nayomi G.
University of Pennsylvania Law School

I contacted Larkin in August 2011, two months before my October test, because I had hit a wall with my test prep. I was consistently scoring in the mid-160’s but desperately wanted to break into 170 territory. First and foremost, Larkin has an exceptional mastery of LSAT material – this will become obvious to you within your first session with him. However, I found that what was most helpful and really sets him apart from other instructors was the amount of experience he had in taking the test himself.
At this high level of testing, things like the amount of sleep you’re getting, your emotional state, and even what you have for breakfast on test day begin to play a factor. I was never a nervous test-taker, but I found that for the LSAT, my stress and anxiety levels were seriously affecting my score. During my sessions with Larkin, we drastically improved not only my technique, but also my confidence, so that I would perform to the best of my ability on test day. Thanks to Larkin’s instruction and advice, I got the score I wanted, and will be attending my dream school, Georgetown Law.

David K.
Georgetown University Law Center

Larkin provided me with some of the best LSAT knowledge I have ever received. Before coming to Larkin I attended Kaplan and Power Score learning centers. My experience in these two institutions was very poor. The class rooms were very crowded, the lack of attention made my LSAT score lower than my original diagnostic. These institutions taught the LSAT as if you can show a method to a person one time, have the individual go home do the work by him or herself and immediately understand the material. I then decided to get private tutoring at Kaplan, which was a waste of money because the tutor did not teach me the various concepts of the LSAT, he merely just showed me how to do them, which is what most of these institutions do, they just show you how to answer the questions and lack teaching skills.
When I came to Larkin he was my last hope in achieving my desired grade. When we first spoke on the phone he told me to go up ten or fifteen points to achieve my desired grade will take a great deal of hard work. Studying the LSAT with Larkin was truly different than my past experiences with Kaplan and Power Score. He was able to teach me how to think like the LSAT writers, his knowledge of the test impressed me from our first lesson. There were times when I just could not understand an explanation; he showed great patience with me by either rewording himself or thinking up a brand new explanation on the spot. It did take a lot of hard work but several months later through the “Larkin method” I was able to raise my LSAT grade by seventeen points. Studying with Larkin was one of the best educational experiences that I ever had, and the insight that he gave me on the LSAT was truly priceless.

Floren U.

I started taking classes not long after my first diag because I was scoring a lot lower than I wanted - fluctuating around 140 - and didn't really know how to improve it. I worked with power score for a few months and managed to go up a few points but it wasn't anything significant and I felt like they weren't actually helping me. Upon doing some research I realized that maybe it would be best to get a private tutor so that the advice would be more personalized.
Next I went to another popular tutor in NYC for a few weeks and didn't actually see a huge improvement between them and the power score classes. All of the advice I was getting seemed very generic and was basically just the same things that they would teach in the prep classes. I knew that I could take advice and suggestions and apply it, but that was not getting me to where I wanted to be.
After I left my first tutor I called Larkin and one other NYC based tutor. Larkin was able to give me a free consultation over the phone the same day that I emailed him and I was sold after that phone call. I explained to him my problems and why I felt like teachers weren't really getting through to me and he told me that it was a common problem. He said there would be no formulaic advice and he would help me work out my specific weaknesses instead of giving me something generic.
I met with Larkin for the next few months and my score jumped up nearly twenty points!. As it got closer to the test date I grew increasingly nervous about it but Larkin was able to help me parse out my anxieties about the test and make it go by a little smoother. I ended up with a 160 on the test (honestly higher than I had hoped to reach) and I feel as though I owe it all to Larkin.  I would definitely recommend Larkin to anyone looking for a private tutor.

Jessica S.
Cardozo School of Law

I had met with other tutors prior to my time with Larkin, but nobody was able to pinpoint my exact weaknesses, or articulate the causes for such, the way Larkin has been able to since our first session together. Not only is he voraciously knowledgable about the test - down to his ability to recall one-off questions from tests published in the 1990's, but he is also such an awesome person to get to know.
Larkin's approach is very basic: teach my students to understand the test, not beat it. By highlighting skills that need to improved upon, Larkin preserves the integrity of the test and the learning process.
But most importantly, Larkin is also a great support system to have during the LSAT preparation process. As he is very well aware, my weekend lessons with him always had a mini-therapy/decompression session wrapped in there.
I can't write or say enough good things about him. You're missing out if you don't reach out to him!

Michelle K

Larkin played a large part in helping me achieve my 99th percentile score, but to say that Larkin teaches the LSAT is a bit of a mischaracterization of what Larkin does and of what the LSAT learning process requires. The LSAT tests skill, not knowledge, and Larkin is more aptly described as a critical-reasoning coach.
Perhaps the most simultaneously amazing and frustrating thing about tutoring sessions with Larkin is that you come out of them unable to describe exactly how he helped. Whenever I’ve described Larkin’s approach, the follow-up question usually amounts to something like, “So you paid him to sit there and ask you questions?” Well, yes, actually. That’s the genius of Larkin’s methodology.
Larkin shapes the way you think, not just about the questions but about your assumptions going into the questions. Simply observing the optimal process to get a correct answer is nothing compared to the explicatory power of a twenty-minute dive into the inner workings of an argument. This is the value that Larkin provides, and it pays enormous dividends. I’ve come out of every session with a deeper understanding of the LSAT, argumentation, and the critical reasoning process.
As the LSAT shifts further away from the formulaic nature of the 40s and 50s, and towards the unstructured style of the 70s and 80s, Larkin’s approach is becoming increasingly necessary. While many companies like Manhattan, Powerscore, and Kaplan all claim to have their unique killer method for success, the truth is that none of these methods teach you how to think.
But the LSAT tests mental well-being as much as skill, and in this way Larkin at times feels more akin to a therapist. Despite my stubborn refusal to take breaks, Larkin persisted. He genuinely cared about how I spent my time outside of his office. That payed off, because when the LSAT became overwhelming or burn out set in, I could trust Larkin to set me straight. I wholeheartedly recommend Larkin as the best investment you can make.

Greg P.

I came to Larkin after becoming frustrated with a lack of improvement (5 diags with the exact same score) from the class I was taking. Like other reviewers I was more than impressed. Larkin is a great teacher but equally importantly he is very encouraging while remaining realistic. When I came to him I had essentially been told I wasn’t smart enough for LG, Larkin helped me consistently get -0 in that category. I chose to use him because of other reviewers here, and strongly encourage anyone looking for improvement to do the same. After scoring a 145 on my first diag a year and a half casually studying and a class and I was still not seeing the scores I needed. It was working with Larkin that changed the way I was thinking about the test and allowed me to become unstuck and score in the 97th percentile. I can not say enough good things!

Maggie V.
University of Michigan School of Law

Larkin is an amazing tutor! You’ll find many tutors who understand the test perfectly and can ace it on their own, but very few are able to teach the test in a way that makes the dreaded LSAT seem approachable.
I came to Larkin having had a horrendous experience with a Princeton Review tutor and scoring a 162 on the LSAT. My weakest section by far was Logic Games. I could not finish all four games in 35 minutes, even after months of studying. Within two sessions with Larkin, I was finishing Logic Games with ease. It became my best section, and I even enjoyed doing them! Larkin taught me to understand how the games worked and to rely on my own problem solving abilities instead of memorizing rules and patterns that had been slowing me down. Larkin had a similar approach to Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, which also had an incredible impact on my score.
I also came to Larkin terrified of the LSAT. Larkin gets that half the battle with the LSAT is psychological and he was so helpful in preparing me mentally for the test. By the time I took the February LSAT, I was as calm as I could ever be facing the LSAT, and I ended up with a 175, an amazing 13 point improvement from my first attempt. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had with Larkin. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Steph S.
Harvard Law School

Absolutely no one is as good as Larkin. Through his tutoring, my LSAT score jumped a full 10 points in 2 months, netting me a substantial scholarship that more (much more) than offset the cost of Larkin’s services.
His knowledge of the LSAT is complete. Though, a lot of tutors understand the test. What sets Larkin apart is his talent for teaching. After just one session, he pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses, and works tirelessly with you to build off of them. Perhaps more importantly, there isn’t a mistake you can make that Larkin can’t properly diagnose and articulate back to you. For me in particular, this dialogue prevented me from repeating past mistakes.
Moreover, Larkin has a truly great bedside manner. He invests himself emotionally in your success; he always goes the extra mile. If you need help preparing for the LSAT, Larkin is your best option, by far.

Cameron S.
New York University School of Law

Larkin is an incredible tutor. I came to him with about six weeks left before the test, when my scores had begun to flatline. I had tried working with one of the large LSAT prep agencies, but didn’t find them helpful past a pretty basic level. Larkin, however, was able to push me well past all my previous bests, and after our work together I scored a 177 on the actual test.
Larkin knows the LSAT extremely well, but doesn’t focus on teaching question types or even clever test-taking tricks. His emphasis is on critical thinking – partly because he really believes in the intrinsic value of critical thought, but also because the LSAT is ultimately just a test of applied critical thinking. I never much liked learning to game tests myself, but however you normally approach these types of test, there’s no denying that Larkin’s method is extremely effective.

Adrien D.

A little background: I took a diagnostic LSAT before doing any prep, and I landed a few points away from where I wanted to be. I thought, okay, this is easy – just need a little more practice and I’ll get there. Wrong. Over the next two and a half months, I studied nonstop with various books (Powerscore, LSAT Trainer), and somehow still managed to stay +/- 1 point of my original score.
I called Larkin after becoming very frustrated with my complete lack of progress, and I immediately felt like he just “got it.” After literally one session with Larkin, my practice test scores jumped 8-11 points. My skills didn’t miraculously improve in one session, but Larkin figured out what was wrong with the way I was approaching the test from a more psychological standpoint.
After my initial session, I continued to work with Larkin to build my skills. He is very reassuring and does a great job of explaining things in a way that isn’t oversimplified or overcomplicated. I ended up with a score I’m very happy about, and I would absolutely recommend Larkin to anyone – especially if you’re feeling stuck in your own prep.

Fiona M.
Stanford Law School

When I signed up to take the LSAT I had no idea where to start. Thankfully, I found Larkin on Yelp, and his reviews did not lead me astray. He is an insanely talented teacher. Larkin helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses very early on and throughout our subsequent session he really taught to my specific needs and problems. Whether I was having trouble with test logic, or just needed help pulling myself out of a negative psychological spiral, Larkin was able to talk me through the problems and help me keep a clear head. I cannot emphasize enough how much his help changed my outlook on the test. I even learned to enjoy sections I thought I’d always loathe (yay Logic Games!). In the end, my score went up 20 points from my initial diagnostic. I could not be happier with the results!

Rachel L.
Columbia Law School

Through my sessions with Larkin, I was finally able to achieve my goal for the LSAT. I had taken an LSAT course before with Powerscore, which was good as an introduction to the test, and took the LSAT in June 2013. However, I felt like I had not reached my potential and could still do much better. Larkin’s assistance definitely made the difference in me understanding my weaknesses and preparing me to tackle each type of question on the test. I was able to refine my logical reasoning skills greatly, which had been my weakest section prior to Larkin. By the time I took the December 2013 test, I was able to raise my score by 13 points. Larkin’s teaching style is one that allows you to figure out the problem for yourself, and break down each question in a way that helps you understand why you need to use the approach necessary. He takes a different approach to teaching from the typical LSAT courses, and helps you find the ways to learn the test and become better at it, rather than just memorizing strategies. I enjoyed working with Larkin because he’s easy to talk to, and he has incredible patience when it comes to explaining difficult questions. It is always a pleasure to be taught by someone who enjoys teaching as much as he does. Larkin is also great at counseling you for not only the test but how to prepare yourself for applying to law school and helps you get a better understanding for the entire process. He is very knowledgeable about the application process and the types of schools you might want to target based on your statistics. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking to reach their full potential on the LSAT.

Ryan P.
Northwestern University School of Law

I have never used a tutor before, but after frustrations with the teaching methods of Kaplan, I decided to try to get a different, more personalized perspective on my learning. I searched for tutor recommendations in NYC and ended up with three main names - Steve Schwartz, Laura Hirsch, and Larkin. I ended up trying sessions with all three, in that order - not intending on it, but my experiences with the first two made me feel like I had to look for a better tutor.
A brief analysis of the other two - Steve Schwartz is extremely intelligent and knows the LSAT well - but when it came to teaching the test, I felt like I was watching a video of different "perfect" ways to do the test - which was interesting, but I felt like I was more spectating than learning. With not much time left to go and given that I had taken the test before, I really wanted to KNOW the test, not just be able to parrot something. Steve was very knowledgeable, but I felt that as a teacher (and for the price he charged), I wasn't learning much.
Laura Hirsch - I was very disappointed by my sessions with her. I felt that she was inattentive during the lesson (I caught her working on personal stuff) and only checked to see if I got the right answer. As someone who really wanted to master the test, I didn't just need an answer book - I wanted someone who could also comment on my working methods to get the answer.
Finally, getting extremely frustrated, I decided to try a session with Larkin. From the first session, I was impressed - as stated in other reviews, the lesson was comfortable and laid back. His way of approaching the LSAT is great and easy for students. He doesn't just check the answers but actually sees your work and comments about ways for improvement. He also helped a lot with my confidence for the test - he was always encouraging and even if I got the answer in a different way than "ideal," he would adapt and we would discuss the pros and cons. He also discusses about how to think about the questions, rather than just blandly showing different "techniques" that can only help so far on the surface.
Any issue that I had with the test - and I had quite a few given that I was retaking and panicking - Larkin would address and help me to get back on track. I took the June 2013 LSAT and in less than a month, my score went up. He was helpful and supportive up to before and even now after the LSAT.
Larkin's tutoring style is very personalized and effective - after going through the three tutors, I truly believe the best kind of teacher is one who styles the lessons for the student. Out of the "top 3" or any tutors in NYC, I would definitely say Larkin is the best at that. Highly recommend for anyone taking the LSAT, first time or retaking.

Cornell Law School

Larkin Robson is a fantastic LSAT tutor. I initially took a Kaplan LSAT prep course, and after being (predictably) dissatisfied, I sought the assistance of a private tutor. I shopped around online, looking for the best LSAT tutor in the New York City area. After sitting through sessions with many of them, I enthusiastically chose Larkin. The LSAT is designed to be naturally unpredictable. In order to attain a high score, one must be able to adapt and apply critical thinking. I found Larkin to be uniquely capable of fostering these skills. Larkin didn’t teach “the test,” as other tutors and Kaplan courses do. Instead, Larkin taught me how to think about the LSAT. He didn’t just try to teach me “quick tricks” to narrow down answer choices or follow stupid acronyms like BLEND; he forced me to attack each problem with an open, critical mind. After two months studying with Larkin, my average scores jumped 17 points (from a 152 to a 169). There is no doubt in my mind that such a jump would have been impossible without Larkin’s help. Larkin was not only incredibly talented at teaching, but he was also very relaxed and comforting. Applying to law school and taking the LSAT are very stressful endeavors. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and become overwhelmed over a bad practice test here or there. I found Larkin to be a very calming and reassuring presence. In summation, I honestly cannot recommend him enough.

John G.
Georgetown University Law Center

Anyone who’s taken an LSAT knows that preparation is just one component to a high score. I was my own worst enemy when I took the October LSAT, riddled by anxiety and burned out from over-preparation. Larkin helped me see the bigger picture of the admissions process, enabling me to get over my crippling fear of the test. With his calming presence and test-day strategies, I went into the test site armed with confidence and emerged feeling as great as one could feel after taking a three hour long test. Compared to other tutors in the NYC area who seem a bit distant and stuffy, Larkin makes you feel as if you were studying with a friend who happens to be a logic wizard. Because he truly cares about his students and what they want to accomplish, Larkin approaches his students as individuals and caters to their unique studying styles and habits. With his help, I was able to bump up my score from a 167 to a 177. That’s a ten-point increase just after a month of working with Larkin.

Kelly P.
Harvard Law School

I had an excellent experience working with Larkin in preparation for the December 2013 LSAT. I came to Larkin after devoting months of intensive self-study for the October exam and scoring a 160. After investing significant time and effort but yet still under-performing, I knew I had to adopt a new strategy. Larkin transformed my test-taking approach. I was impressed with his ability to accurately pinpoint the destructive habits that were preventing me from reaching my target score, including focusing too much on timing, aspiring to be perfect, and over-studying to the point of mental fatigue and burnout. In a month, Larkin helped me correct these habits and adopt a more relaxed, yet efficient, approach to studying–one that allowed me to muster the focus, stamina, and confidence to get a 173 on the LSAT. Larkin is a quality instructor and I am confident that anyone can benefit from his expertise. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to maximize their LSAT potential!

Cathy L.

I wanted to raise my LSAT score into the 170s, but I was working anywhere from 80-100 hours a week and had minimal time to study. Larkin worked with me to develop a targeted study program focused on my specific weaknesses in the very limited time available. Unlike the big test prep companies who clearly wanted to put me through the same program as every other student, Larkin thought carefully about how I approached the test and customized my study plan. Thanks to his help, I raised my score 8 points and scored in the 99th percentile. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Zoe B.
Harvard Law School

Larkin understood every aspect of the LSAT thoroughly and complete. What’s more, he knew how to convey that knowledge clearly and concisely. But even more importantly, he knew how to explain and work through the high end of the test, which so many tutors often can’t do. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to get a 174.

Scott Y.
Columbia Law School

Beyond being professional, punctual, insightful, and easy-going, Larkin brings to his tutoring not only a substantial knowledge and understanding of the LSAT, but he does so from an overarching, almost philosophical perspective. He teaches you how to think about the logic and the bigger ideas the test involves, rather than focusing simply on specific narrow strategies. While this approach is slightly more difficult to get a handle on initially, since it is a significant departure from the way the LSAT tends to be taught by the likes of Kaplan, etc, the benefit of this approach is that when you understand the big concepts, there is little or nothing the LSAT can contain that won’t be understandable or easily-handled.

Chris A.
New York University School of Law

I contacted Larkin just five weeks before taking the LSAT for the second time. I had previously taken a two-and-a-half month Princeton Review course, and thought it was impossible for me to improve my score. I felt helpless, but decided I needed to change my approach. In just five sessions, Larkin made me feel more prepared for the test then ever before. He taught me about the underlying concepts and helped raise my confidence. I ended up increasing my score ten points, which I know I could not have done without his help. My only regret is that I was not able to work with him from the beginning.

Ashley F.
Cardozo School of Law.

I first met Larkin at a program through school while I was studying for the LSAT with a Kaplan private tutor via Skype. The private tutor I was using was teaching me tricks and tips that might narrow down some answer choices, but inevitably only worked for a select portion of the questions. The number of problems I was getting correct had flat-lined in some sections and decreased in others. When I took the LSAT in June 2011, my score naturally fell short of my hopes and expectations.
Determined to perform better and impressed by our initial meeting, I ended up working with Larkin mostly over the phone. He confronted a major problem no one else even noticed or cared enough to address. My anxiety toward the test and a general burn-out from studying so much were contributing to my low score along with a “Kaplan Method” that didn’t work for me as an individual. By addressing the psychological problems, establishing set study times to avoid burn-out, and explaining broad-reaching ways of thinking critically about problems as opposed to inferior tricks, I ended up scoring a 170, a 16 point jump, when I took the test in October and got into University of Pennsylvania with a substantial scholarship.

Beth F.
University of Pennsylvania School of Law

I studied for the LSAT completely on my own for four months prior to taking it. I had a mental block against a certain type of Logical Reasoning question and Larkin helped me through it. I went from missing 4 questions per LR section to getting 3 LR questions total wrong on the test I took in June. (I got a 172.) We accomplished this in one session. Larkin was supportive, helpful, and just what I needed to really kick my ass into gear while at the same time not burning out! If i could do it all over again I would have had him from the start and maybe I could have gotten a 180.

Rachel W.
Columbia Law School

From someone who self-prepped for 9 months prior to the exam, take it from me that Larkin’s insightful and unique instruction will take your score to the next level. What I discovered about 6 months into my prep (and after writing the June 2012 exam, my first official encounter with the LSAT) was that even after purchasing and absorbing all of the best LSAT prep books (i.e. PowerScore, Manhattan, etc.), I was still lacking a crucial element to LSAT success that was hindering my full potential.
This is where I found Larkin’s unique approach to attacking the LSAT vital to my ultimately successful score of a 172 (was PTing around 160 two months before the October 2012 exam, at which point I started taking lessons with Larkin). As you will likely have observed from most of the posts regarding Larkin’s style, his approach to tackling the LSAT is a fundamental one. Rather than teaching “cheap tricks,” so to speak, Larkin’s guidance led me towards a deeper understanding of exam. This is critical, and is what ultimately distinguishes Larkin’s instruction from that of almost every other LSAT tutor you may come across – When you have a deeper comprehension of the fundamentals, you are more adaptable to whatever LSAC may decide to throw at you on test day.
Through Larkin’s instruction, I upped my score from about 160 to a 172 on the October 2012 exam. Oddly enough, my weakest section and primary focus when I began receiving my instruction was games. After 6 sessions with Larkin, I went from barely finishing 3 games to finishing all 4 on game day and only missing 2 in the entire section !
Second to the Bar Exam (and arguably not), this is the single most important exam you will take in your lifetime. It is 100% worth the expenditure of time and effort to tap your fullest potential… Larkin’s instruction allowed me to do just that, and believe me when i say it was worth every penny.

John G.

I had a great experience working with Larkin. My diagnositic test score was pretty low, 137, so I knew I would need a lot of work to improve my score. I worked with another tutor at first, but my score only went up a couple points and I still felt like I was struggling a lot with the test. I decided to try out a new tutor and I'm so glad that I did. I met with Larkin  once a week for 4 months prior to the June test. He teaches in a comprehensive way that helped me understand the test in a completely new way. He dramatically improved my critical thinking skills which I feel is the key to the test. He also offered proctored LSAT tests leading up to the actual test, which really helped me get a sense of what taking the LSAT would really be like.  All of this helped me get a better score than I thought possible, a 162. He also helped me with admissions advice so that I had a realistic idea of what schools I should be applying for.  Larkin is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone taking the LSAT.

Jennifer W.
Fordham School of Law