About Larkin

Larkin Robson has been teaching the LSAT independently for over twelve years, starting from when he was an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. During his time there he studied philosophy and formal logic, two important skills for taking - and teaching - the LSAT. The skills he learned during this time allowed Larkin to earn a perfect score on the LSAT: a 180. He later gained admittance to New York University School of Law. After he earned his JD, Larkin passed the New York State Bar to become a licensed attorney.

His experience extends to students of all backgrounds - experienced professionals going back to school, inexperienced college students who have never seen the LSAT before, many individuals who have tried other test prep companies and/or other tutors with little to no success.

The difficulty of the LSAT is clear when observing the range of reactions students have to approaching the test. The way that a person thinks and views the world around them is something that is deeply ingrained, so each student will start off with vastly different strengths and weaknesses. This is a hurdle that many teachers try to overcome by teaching with a generic schemata, regardless of a student’s ideal learning style. Larkin’s approach is very different. He focuses on each student as an individual and builds on the skills and modes of thought they already have. This allows each student to grow intellectually instead of trying to force their way into a standardized box. Larkin’s unique, collaborative approach has helped his students gain entry into every T-14 law school in the country, including Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. Each year for the last five years, a handful of Larkin’s students have been admitted to T-3 schools.

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