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The first step is to book a free consultation. This is the best way for you to get to know our teaching philosophy and to get to know our tutor, Larkin Robson. It's also the best way to get a sense of whether 180 degrees LSAT is right for you.

In Person Tutoring

We believe one-on-one LSAT tutoring is the ideal path to success on the LSAT. This approach allows Larkin to personalize and individualize tutoring in a way that is most effective for you. Larkin is currently only offering remote tutoring but hopes to resume in person in NYC soon.

Online Tutoring

This option is ideal for students who are not able to travel to in-person LSAT tutoring. As full-time professional LSAT tutors are a rare find, Larkin is happy to offer online tutoring via Skype to make our services more accessible.

Law School Admissions

We offer comprehensive consulting for the entire Law School admissions process.

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We care about your success on the LSAT. Beyond LSAT tutoring, we’ve compiled a list of other helpful resources for your preparation.


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We are strongly committed to the public interest and social justice.



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A free consultation is the best and fastest way to get to know your prospective tutor, Larkin Robson, and to also determine how we can help you.


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Our holistic approach to teaching requires that we have an understanding of where our students are starting from so that we can build on the skills they already have.


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Whether you meet with us online or in-person, our sessions will never lock you in. That means we won't charge more for buying individual sessions and we won't require advanced payment.

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LSAT Tutoring in New York


Larkin earned his bachelor's degree in philosophy at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Here he received formal training in logic, a skill that helped him to go on to earn a 180 on the LSAT.  After college he was admitted to New York University School of Law, where he received his JD. Upon graduation he became a member of the New York State Bar.


Larkin has been teaching the LSAT in a variety of settings for over twelve years. While his speciality is in individual tutoring, he has also taught group courses at West Virginia University and John Jay. In addition to teaching, Larkin has reviewed numerous manuscripts of LSAT preparatory guides.


Larkin shapes the way you think, not just about the questions but about your assumptions going into the questions. Simply observing the optimal process to get a correct answer is nothing compared to the explicatory power of a twenty-minute dive into the inner workings of an argument. This is the value that Larkin provides, and it pays enormous dividends. I’ve come out of every session with a deeper understanding of the LSAT, argumentation, and the critical reasoning process.

Greg P.

Larkin is not only an effective LSAT instructor from a results standpoint, but also he is a fantastic teacher in all the other ways that matter: he is always patient, he is enthusiastic about explaining information, and he is completely vested in his students’ success. Moreover, his passion for increasing diversity in law schools is contagious. Any student, college, or organization that has the opportunity with Larkin is extremely fortunate.

Julia K., Yale Law School

Absolutely no one is as good as Larkin. Through his tutoring, my LSAT score jumped a full 10 points in 2 months, netting me a substantial scholarship that more (much more) than offset the cost of Larkin’s services

Moreover, Larkin has a truly great bedside manner. He invests himself emotionally in your success; he always goes the extra mile. If you need help preparing for the LSAT, Larkin is your best option, by far.

Cameron S., New York University School of Law


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